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German - Intensive Courses

The basic structures of German grammar are introduced systematically in classes which last - depending on the beginning date of the course - 10 to 30 weeks. The curriculum comprises grammar, exercises, dictation, conversation, reading and listening comprehension. There is also a language lab in which students can improve their oral skills during one hour per day. There are courses at 3 levels of difficulty. The student who attends classes regularly and reviews what he has learnt in class will be able to express himself in German in every-day life (without having to use his mother tongue or any other foreign language). After attending the first three levels, the student has the option to prepare himself for the "Goethe" diploma in further courses (level 4 and 5).

Permit to Stay Visas and Entry
Before entering the Federal Republic of Germany or Switzerland, you should inquire at the German/Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your home country three or four months before you intend to enter the FRG or Switzerland in order to determine whether an entry visa is required. When applying for an entry visa you have to state the exact duration and purpose of your stay in the FRG or in Switzerland. While you await the approval of your entry visa application either at home or abroad, it is not recommended to attempt to enter the FRG or Switzerland since your entry visa application might be refused and you will not be permitted to pass the border. If you wish to stay in the FRG or in Switzerland for more than three months, you should not enter as a tourist, i.e., with a tourist visa, because this type of visa is only valid for three months. Tourist visas cannot be extended! If you intend to stay in the FRG or Switzerland for more than three months, it is indispensable that you apply for an entry visa, if requested. If it proves necessary, Bénédict School will be pleased to confirm attendance of the course so as to furnish a statement explaining the reasons why you would enter this country. Please check the validity of your passport. Permission to enter or stay cannot be granted when your passport is expired.

German intensive course

No. of participants

6– 14 participants

4 – 5 lessons every day, in the morning or in the afternoon

Beginning of the course

Enrolment into classes is possible at any time, object to previous knowledge (classification test)
For beginners: every 1st and 3rd Monday in a month

Lessons 20 – 25 lessons a week
Duration of the course: 2 – 48 weeks
Fees Please ask for the cost
Test lesson A test lesson is free of charge, without obligation
Consulting Course advice

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