Testen Sie Ihr Englisch-Niveau

Dieser Englisch-Sprachtest besteht aus 40 Fragen. Sie benötigen dafür ca. 15 Minuten.

Die Einstufung in die entsprechende Kursstufe hängt von der erreichten Punktzahl ab.
Ihr Testresultat (Punktzahl und Kursstufe) wird Ihnen nach Beendigung des Checks zugestellt.
Pro Frage ist nur eine Antwort richtig, Hilfsmittel sind nicht gestattet.
Viel Erfolg!

1. ** are you, Susan? I'm fine, thanks.

2. What would you like ** ? A glass of mineral water, please.

3. The party is ** Saturday ** eight o'clock.

4. He's wearing ** uniform.

5. Do you have a dog? Yes, I **

6. Astrid is from Stockholm. She's ** .

7. I am a doctor. And what do you ** ?

8. When ** breakfast? I had breakfast at 7.45.

9. ** do you come from?

10. It ** very cold in Norway last week.

11. I was born ** 1965.

12. How ** cigarettes do you smoke a day?

13. Tokyo is ** expensive city in the world.

14. The bus ** at 10.30.

15. I like ** books.

16. How long ** here? I've lived here for 10 years.

17. We ** a cat since last month.

18. I don't know ** who doesn't like summer.

19. Where ** when Paul took early retirement?

20. If the computer ** the computer hot line.

21. What ** when his sister came home with the children?

22. You have been to France, **?

23. The cake tastes ** .

24. I ** my jacket because it was too hot in the room.

25. I detest ** golf.

26. I **, but I stopped last year because I broke my leg.

27. You ** wear shorts at the opera house.

28. He took a ** shower.

29. We'll forget the money and run when the alarm ** .

30. I'll phone you. He ** her.

31. English is ** all over the world.

32. I wish I ** so bad at maths at school.

33. I took the proficiency exam ** leaving England four years ago.

34. I met someone today who went to the same school ** I did.

35. The teacher lets us ** a dictionary.

36. At no point in my life have I been keen ** the idea of joining any kind of club or group.

37. My bank statement says I'm overdrawn. There ** be some mistake.

38. Houses ** using a variety of materials.

39. A man ** I was talking to recently told me a joke that was very funny.

40. He presented a strong case, but I wasn't ** convinced that all his facts were right.

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Mit einem unverbindlichem Gespräch ermitteln wir die für Sie am besten geeignete Lernstrategie und vereinbaren bei Bedarf eine kostenlose Probelektion.”

Franco Di Santo, Leiter Beratung
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