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German for the Swiss employment market: face-to-face or online classes for foreigners and refugees

Kantonales Integrationsprogramm - Kanton Zürich


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Whether you are accustomed to the school system or not, with this specific intensive language course you not only learn German as a foreign or second language but also prepare for an effective integration into the Swiss job market.

Goals / course content

The intensive course "Deutsch mit Ziel Arbeitsmarkt" (German for the job market)  provides all the tools for a successfull integration into the Swiss job market:

  • Topic related language skills training: speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension based on real scenarios
  • Preparation of your personal job application dossier
  • Independent application of learning and working techniques
  • Social skills: Ability to work in a team, written and oral German expression in work life versus private life, job interview, trial days
  • Computer skills are introduced or improved as needed and optimised in terms of capacity to understand and apply to job advertisements
  • Networking

Course duration

The course lasts 12 weeks and takes place from Monday to Friday with 4 lessons of 50 minutes.
In addition, the participants have free use of our language learning centre under the supervision of a Benedict teacher.
The participants are required to spend 2 - 3 hours per day on homework.

Course start dates

16.10.2023     19.02.2024
13.11.2023     11.03.2024

Course times

Morning classes:    09:00 - 12:50
Afternoon classes: 13:00 - 16:50

Class size

Maximum 12 participants

Course approach

Various learning and working techniques in face-to-face or online lessons, supported by digital forms of learning and individualised consolidation options for participants who are not used to the school system.

Course fees

Description Intensity Units Fees
Overall course with general education, ICT training,
infrastructure and job application training, with laptop rental
20 lessons per week
(1 lesson equals CHF 14)
12 weeks 3,360 CHF
Other offers Intensity Unit Fees
Learning units ICT training +
general education, Infrastructure with laptop rental
20 lessons per week
(1 lesson equals CHF 14)
2 + 4 weeks 1,680 CHF
Learning unit job application training,
Infrastructure with laptop rental
20 lessons per week
(1 lesson equals CHF 14)
6 weeks 1,680 CHF

Course location

Benedict-Schule Zürich
Vulkanstrasse 106
8048 Zürich


  • Course confirmation with learning content
  • Interim tests, progress test at the end of the course
  • Individual portfolio with application dossier


Mr I. Sirin
Course Advisor / Counselor

Phone: 044 242 12 60
Email:   info.zh@delete-me.benedict.ch


Registration for the course is facilitated through the IAZH consultant.