German Course Intensive in Zurich A1 - C2

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Levels A1, A2 and B1 face to face classes.

Course Description - Courses on-campus or online

In our communicative intensive German language courses, you quickly and systematically learn sentence structure, syntax, and German vocabulary through conversation, listening exercises, dictation, dialog, grammar and much more. To supplement and apply the knowledge obtained in class, you are encouraged to visit the multimedia workshop one additional hour per day under professional supervision in order to perfect your pronunciation, diction, inflection, grammar and vocabulary. You may also wish to participate in one of our appropriate level conversational classes so that you can obtain some fluency in the application of the language you are learning.


The basic structure of German grammar is systematically introduced into classes that last - depending on the beginning date of the course - 10 to 30 weeks. The curriculum is comprised of grammar, exercises, diction, conversation, reading, and listening comprehension. You may also improve your skills in our multimedia workshop two hours per day. Our courses have five levels of difficulty. Students who attend classes regularly and review what was learned, will be able to express themselves in German during every-day life situations (without having to use a mother tongue or any other foreign language). After attending the first three levels, students have the option of preparing themselves for the "Goethe" Diploma and further courses (level B2 and C1).

Starting Date

24.06.2024     14.10.2024
15.07.2024     28.10.2024
12.08.2024     04.11.2024
26.08.2024     18.11.2024
10.09.2024     02.12.2024

Enrollment into existing classes is possible at any time; subject to previous knowledge (aptitude test)

Course Begin

9.00 am – 12.00 noon class and
12.00 noon – 1.00 pm multimedia workshop
1.00 pm – 4.00 pm class and
4.00 pm – 5.00 pm multimedia workshop
plus one hour of conversation per week



weeks fees lessons per lesson
1 CHF 435.-- 25 CHF 17.40
2 CHF 720.-- 50 CHF 14.40
3 CHF 980.-- 75 CHF 13.05
4 CHF 1'155.-- 100 CHF 11.55
5 CHF 1'420.-- 125 CHF 11.35
6 CHF 1'690.-- 150 CHF 11.25
8 CHF 2'130.-- 200 CHF 10.65
10 CHF 2'625.-- 250 CHF 10.50
12 CHF 3'145.-- 300 CHF 10.45
16 CHF 4'170.-- 400 CHF 10.40
20 CHF 4'945.-- 500 CHF 9.90
24 CHF 5'770.-- 600 CHF 9.60
36 CHF 8'370.-- 900 CHF 9.30
46 CHF 9'900.-- 1150 CHF 8.60
52 CHF 10'815.-- 1300 CHF 8.30

Course Material

CHF 160.-- in addition per level



Cultural Program

The Swiss cultural environment is large and diversified and language students should benefit from it. Speaking and understanding the German language will bring the country and its' citizen closer to a student. Regional and cultural studies about Switzerland, the Canton, and the city of Zurich will create additional interest and motivation to learn. Our monthly excursions take place on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.

A selection of our cultural and extra curricular activities program:

  • National Museum in Zurich
  • A visit to a local language cinema showing current films
  • Spring Party
  • Hike up the Ueltliberg (Alternative possibility to the cinema)
  • Historic walk through Zurich (buildings and squares)
  • Summer Party
  • Cruise on the Limmat
  • Zurich Zoo
  • Art Museum Zurich
  • Christmas Party


We are also able to help you find accommodations with selected host families, in guesthouses, homes, hotels, or youth hostels. For further information, please contact our office.



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